Ok. Yeah~

Balut… Fetus eggs….

SO. Roughly, the chicken or duck egg is 14-19 days old then you boil it…..

After it’s boiled, you poke a hole at the bottom and drain the broth inside which tastes really good like a yummy chicken broth.

Then you start peeling… If your a beginner  I only peel it half way then eat it so I don’t see the chicky, but for the sake of today I peeled it all the way… :[

Ok, so the egg is lined with a thin layer of protection that’s all veiny, and the yolk is what the chick eats within the shell.. The yolk is NOT the chick. It’s it’s food source…

The white goes to the top of the egg and gets really hard and rubbery. Then there’s the chick. At this point, the chick has eyes, feathers vital organs and is growing it’s beak and wings…

No, it’s not hard or boney. All through out it’s just very very soft chicken. Very flavourful. [brown meat taste]

Same with the yolk. The consistency is more dry/chalky but it has more of a poultry flavouring….

So, most people that can get over the fact and image of the fetus, tend to really love the taste… I’ve never heard a complaint about the taste in all honesty… Just complaints of what it is, how it looks and the over all shudder factor on it.

[random fact: they had balut on fear factor]

I’ll be truthful, I did have a good dry heave when taking it apart and putting it in my mouth… But because it’s the first time I really looked at it… And just…. Yeah.

But it would have been such a waste and so disrespectful to dump it in the trash so I had to consume it….


Balut you guys…

Sunday Jan 20 @ 06:51pm
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