100-Year Treehouse Will Take a Century to Be Completed

Visiondivision is working with a group of students to grow and bend the ring of 10 Japanese cherry trees for this hundred-year project titled The Patient Gardener, with tables and chairs formed from plum trees on the lower level.

Eventually, a ground-covering arched canopy (created by joining the half-grown trees at a center point) will be mirrored by a skyward-curved, second-story loft, accessed by steps grown, ladder-like, between two pairs of trees on either side of the structure.

From the perspective of an adult today, this will be a building forever half-finished in our lifetimes – a work in progress eventually to form an apt shape for something so time-centric: that of an hourglass.

“The workshop, playing with the metaphor of forests, aimed to generate new visions to explain the contemporary and immediate future ways of being in the spirit of green design, resilience, recycling, and ethical consciousness.”


Tuesday Nov 29 @ 11:54am
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