Thursday Aug 28 @ 01:20am

♡ gimme all the eyelashes ♡


♡ gimme all the eyelashes 

Thursday Aug 28 @ 01:20am
Thursday Aug 28 @ 01:20am

Anonymous said: Where did you buy your corset o: and where did you go for it?

Isabella Corsetry [link]

Thursday Aug 28 @ 12:20am
Wednesday Aug 27 @ 11:32pm
Wednesday Aug 27 @ 11:32pm

My favourite people are people that tag reblogs silly things, long statements, random musings, or even stories…

They’re fun to read <3

Seriously, I love reading tags haha…

Wednesday Aug 27 @ 11:30pm

Tokyo Disneyland


Tokyo Disneyland

Wednesday Aug 27 @ 11:26pm

Putting on makeup and watching a Fallout 3 stream..


Putting on makeup and watching a Fallout 3 stream..

Wednesday Aug 27 @ 11:25pm


If you use LINE PLAY there is now official Sailor Moon avatars & decorations! Details:

Wednesday Aug 27 @ 11:15pm

Anonymous said: from what i've learned, you shouldn't really wear your corset 24/7 or close to it. i mean, you could maybe get away with it if your corset is seasoned and not laced in too tight, but 6-8 hours a day should be your usual.


Yeah, to start, I’ll probably extend my wear from 5 hours to maybe 8 hours by this weekend if I feel comfortable doing so..

Since my corset is a baby, I’ll see how we fare, and take things as they feel okay with, and all that fun stuff~

Wednesday Aug 27 @ 11:07pm

Anonymous said: for anyone interested in waist training, check out thecorsetauthority on tumblr!


Thank you for the page, I’m surfing through it right now, hehe~

Wednesday Aug 27 @ 11:04pm

Anonymous said: do you have any cute lazy day outfit ideas for summer in cali? its hot and i'm on my dumb period but i still want to be cute


I’m obsessed with the Jada dress, Brandy Melville..



From the brand, they come in so many colours and patters so it’s easy to find one you like and think is cute<3

But similar dresses can be found at stores like Walmart, Pacsun, Target… etc…. [and the alternatives will be more everybody friendly since BM, dumbly, does only carry one size items;; ]

But basically, super thin and blousey [is that a word]~ oh! billowy dresses are really cool and cute, and can be dressed up or down..

Like, you can wear it by itself or pair it  with a thin sweater, body chain, a simple pull over, a long cardigan, denim vest, crop top, beat up v neck, hoodie [at night], varsity jacket… the list goes on..

Even foot wear you can do ankle boots, booties, thigh high socks, use a garter, wear chunky heels or platforms, play it casual with sandals or gladiators, even basic converse would be cute…

Plus, since loose dresses are loose, you can be comfy and wear granny panties under it, and no one would care or be able to tell…

And all you have to do is just toss it on, and make sure it smells good..

I have 3 Jada dresses haha, so I can alternate between them, then wash and hang the one I wore previously to be ready for later in the week…

Wednesday Aug 27 @ 11:03pm

Anonymous said: I was very interested in corsets, had contact with some women that make it and asked many questions to them, but then I read that your waist (looking from the side) it's going to look more "large", because it's going to stop having the oval shape and going to be a circle.. so I never bought mine, I was more interested in getting rid of the jeans deformity created over the years... ): I still think it's beautiful!! Just be careful to really protect the belly/back area!! you are lovely (:

Ah, that really wouldn’t surprise me;; hehe~~

And I totally will, ‘slow and steady’, - - all that good stuff [especially, since this is something super new to me] <3

I will be mindful of my progress, and be good, I promise~



Wednesday Aug 27 @ 10:52pm

Anonymous said: <3 Just be careful, and don't be afraid to take it off if it turns out that you can't breathe with it. And definitely cinch it just a little at a time. Working up to the 23/7 thing is a good idea. (I dove right in a few years back and it really wasn't a good situation.)

Ah, totes!

I’m in no hurry really, and I’m totally taking in account your tips<3

Seriously, I really appreciate the time your giving me and helping me with what you know hehe!

asdhfjdsk, thank you<3<3<3<3

Wednesday Aug 27 @ 10:49pm

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