Anonymous said: May I ask why you have Hannibal blacklisted? ♡

Moreso the gifs [hannibal and supernatural can have some pretty creepy gifs]  and because it appears on a regular stream on my dash with other fandom things…

Thursday Jul 24 @ 12:27am

Anonymous said: Carrisse do you have a boyfriend & what is your ideal man

Nopers~ I am currently not actively dating. 

Uhm, as for ideal??

I guess someone who is passionate about their interests, likes to go out to new places and likes to try new things? Probably would like Disney things, cause I’m a total Disney freak..

Physically, I’m usually attracted to strong jaw lines, thick neck, and nice forearms and hands…

Thursday Jul 24 @ 12:06am

Anonymous said: You give the most sincere and helpful advice ever and you literally put yourself in the shoes of those who need your help and like, actually care about the people who could live the world away from you. And for that, you are my role model.

I do try my best~

Seriously, thank you. Admittedly, I feel my answers can be lacking because I don’t have much experience in certain fields or with certain backgrounds, but I just hope I can give at least a little bit of something to take as a positive from my answers. 

I’m really so humbled to be a role model, if you can keep in mind I’m human and have flaws, I would be glad to be one~

Seriously, thank you <3 <3 <3

Wednesday Jul 23 @ 11:50pm

Anonymous said: Lol @ the things you have blocked love it

Haha, it is a pretty entertaining assortment <3

I didn’t realize that people would have such similar blocked items~

I kind of love the comradeship in this!

Wednesday Jul 23 @ 11:45pm

Anonymous said: Hi darling <333 So i've been really struggling lately and have been really sad I recently stopped talking to my best friend of ten years because she neglected me and ditched me Everyone who has always been there for me has left All my friends are fake Also i'm going to college soon, but i didn't do well on my entrance exams My problems seem so mundane to others but i just really needed to vent If you have any advice it would be much appreciated Love you you are gorgeous


Oh no problem at all, I am here for your vent needs!

If it makes you feel better, I dropped almost all my old friends because of fakery, toxicity and dumb bullshit. It really was honestly hard but in the long run, I’m a happier person, and can look back and say it was the right decision.

It will hurt and it’ll feel a bit lonely, but you will be okay.

That’s why now a days things like tumblr and online forums are good places to create and fill up the need for socialization~ As a previous ask, there’s sites like and specific online forums where you can meet with local people with similar interests<3 Even doing community service is a good place to fill up some time, do some good and meet new people [and it look really good on your applications and resumes <3 ]

I would say, look forward to college~ It’s a bigger fish pond to find people who are more in tune with who you are right now. Don’t be afraid to join extracurricular activities and go to college events.

Don’t feel bad about the entrance exams. We all start someplace, and even if you have to do the more revising courses, it’s fine~ You’re not alone.

You’ll get it done in your own pace. 

Take everything one day at a time, try new things, this is a fresh slate for you, do something for yourself and enjoy this time in your life even if it’s a bit overwhelming and strange.


Wednesday Jul 23 @ 11:43pm

Anonymous said: Idk what to do im thinking about alot im 24 i have a disability i want to move and change but i have no job and do not know where to begin im to dependent on certain people im mostly alone 95% of the time because im scared to go out and run into my abusive ex. Im just a hot mess and i honestly dont know what to fucking do

Oh man, that is a bit of a pickle~

Hmmm.. I would say maybe look into jobs you can do online or on the phone like a phone operator or telemarketing, maybe even one of those online live operators?

Maybe look into programs with disabled youth, to see if there’s a position that you can help out in with assistant work or something[?] I would think the key would be to think about the things you are able to do and find jobs that you can do with those traits~

Also, if you apply, you can call in and ask if they will be willing to hire or have a program for those with disabilities.. Or call your social security for information on work with disabilities[?]

I feel like the best place to start is calling around and asking and just tacking one thing at a time like a job search.

If you need experience, you can totally do community service or help out at places like hospitals, maybe helping out with disabled youths, old folks homes maybe day cares~ Depending on your what you are able to do<3

What also helps is to make a list or diagram of things you want to accomplish.

Then, break down those things into smaller ‘to do’ things until everything looks easier and more achievable~

So, job will make you more financially independent and over time you could maybe afford to move out.

As for going out and meeting people, you can find sites like or contact local groups that you would be interested in to see if they have any functions you can join.

If you have issues with your ex, I would see if it’s possible to file for a restraining order, if not, make sure you always have a phone on hand or some way to contact an emergency service.

I’m honestly not too well equipped with knowing how to deal with volatile exes, but I’m hoping there might be followers who reply with more/better advice~

But I hope I could help ease your mind a bit of give you some better footing on a goal plan?

Don’t be afraid to call around, email everyone and just ask a lot of questions in general and to second parties, jobs and even on forum boards.

They are great resources and just dive in and look up everything and find ways to slowly but surely expand your world!

I believe in you<3

Wednesday Jul 23 @ 11:36pm
Wednesday Jul 23 @ 11:17pm

Wednesday Jul 23 @ 11:17pm

Anonymous said: rtyujkl,., mn

Wednesday Jul 23 @ 11:04pm

Anonymous said: u r a qt


YOU are a cutie!

Wednesday Jul 23 @ 11:03pm

Anonymous said: I still struggle with cutting, its been almost 10 years of doing it regularly. I just needed to get that out and let someone know,i think it already helps me feel better typing this even. Thanks darling

Totes mcgotes~ You can always vent to me if ‘ya need to<3

I heart you, mkay? Just want you to know, and you have my support if you ever need it!

Wednesday Jul 23 @ 11:03pm

Anonymous said: hi you are lovely

Thank you so much~ ah!


Wednesday Jul 23 @ 11:00pm

Anonymous said: Did you block the dakota related tags because she edits herself so much?

Moreso because of her controversy and it annoys me…

Don’t get me wrong, I am kinda totally into her aesthetic, but not so much as a person/lies or someone I want to put my money to ie; buying popteen mag…

So I try to avoid her as much as I can…;;;;;;;;;;;;

Wednesday Jul 23 @ 10:57pm
Wednesday Jul 23 @ 10:53pm
Wednesday Jul 23 @ 10:53pm

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