Anonymous said: Hi :) So I'm thinking on starting a fashion blog just for fun but I don't have the smallest clue on how to start. Can you give me some tips?

Hmmm… Think of a topic you want to talk about~ something like fave trends, street snaps,maybe looking deeper into a current trend and tracing back it’s history, or diy’s, stuff you’re passionate about~

Then do your research, collect or create your visual aids and compile what you need to create a full and complete blog entry.

Visualize what you’d enjoy reading and follow through.

Don’y worry about being perfect. I will guarantee you blogging is a giant learning curve~ you learn as you go and start developing your own style over time and with practice.

The best tip is to jump in and start writing.

I can’t spoon feed you because blogs are very personal to it’s writer~ 

Maybe you like lots of photos, maybe you like diagrams, maybe just pure writing…

Try out each one, make mistakes, take some chances and hone your craft.

Don’t put too much pressure or expectations on yourself because blogs start out just for you.

You can never ensure anyone will read them, but it’s a happy surprise when they do.

So aim to please yourself and have fun with it<3

Wednesday Sep 17 @ 10:16pm

Anonymous said: Omg carisse I really need help I have a job interview tomorrow and I cant think of any weaknesses without sounding like a total failure can you help me? I actually just need tips in general too cause this is my first big company job :(

No prob~

Okay, it’s totes okay to sound like a failure in one section or another as long as you put a positive spin on it, or learned some kind of life lesson..

Like, for me, I usually say something about my low grades in highschool, and how I do have a problem with procrastination..

So after saying that, you say~ ‘But’~ then continue on with like, in my case, I learned how to schedule and work on over compensating my weakness [procrastination], by working on thing immediately and becoming very efficient in organization to combat what I have issues with.. Or like, because of it, I did pick up the skill of being very detail oriented to over compensate my late start and I know the value of how precious time and putting my 100% into things are…

Something like that..

So, use one of you weak points, but think of how you can turn that into a strong point in itself…

If that makes sense…

Life lessons and overcoming things and ‘showing you put an effort into getting past it, or are aware of your weaknesses and know ways to do your best regarding them~ will help you get past that section and help you come off as a better rounded individual not afraid of admitting a weak point, and it not defining you…

~you can even say something similar to my last paragraph on how important knowing your weakness is and how it can define and yet aid you in your work…


It’s a lot of truth, but also some bullshit to make the shit sparkle and smell like roses…


Wednesday Sep 17 @ 09:38pm

Anonymous said: Hi, darling. I have a quedtion and im kinda hoping you can give me some advice. So I have long curly hair but i don't know how to keep it pretty, like it's almost always freezi(?) and really just a big mess. Can you give me any tips on how to keep the curls moisterized(?)? (My english is kinda bad, spanish is my first language)

I can try my best~

Hmm, I think using an oil of your choice, like, argan oil, or coconut oil will help a loot~ I apply mine when my hair is relatively damp and run it though my hair~

It does help frizz and it keeps hair wonderfully moisturized~

Also, anti frizz serums are very helpful when hair is dry, before you go outside to keep the frizz from outside from immediately poofing up your hair~

Then, washing your hair in cold water does wonders and helps your hair stay as manageable as possible and can help with frizz and hair loosing moisture so quickly~

Wednesday Sep 17 @ 09:26pm

Anonymous said: is it something winnie the pooh related? like kanga or roo?

Nopers <3

Wednesday Sep 17 @ 08:59pm

Anonymous said: Someone just asked you about how to make hair thinner, and now I'd like to know the opposite! Do you know how to make hair thicker? I want some volume!! My hair is a bit curly, but it's so thin and boring... any tips?? :(


Okay, I think the brand is Big Sexy Hair, which ever brand has that red base/ products.. And they have this product that’s like Power Play? Powder Play? Something like that~ and it’s like, this 2-3 inch little plastic thinggy, and that stuff is like A MIRACLE in a container.

Seriously, volume for days!

Literally, that’s all I have to recommend ahha~

Nah, but if you want a cheaper alternative that is also a dry shampoo and is probably in your pantry right now~



My little diy thinggy on it~

But yeah.


Wednesday Sep 17 @ 08:54pm

Anonymous said: you come off as a attention whore but you are too nice then i dont know how to feel about you

Your prerogative, not mine…

If you want to make assumptions about me, go for it~ I’m not here to correct you are try to win you over.

Wednesday Sep 17 @ 08:50pm

Anonymous said: oliver and company?

That’s actually on my ‘I want to do that one day for halloween’, list <3

But not this year ~~~

Wednesday Sep 17 @ 08:46pm

Anonymous said: id have to guess the lion king with those ears!

Aww, no, but that’s such a cute idea<3

Wednesday Sep 17 @ 08:45pm

Anonymous said: is it disney?

YEPP YEPP~ erry year 

Wednesday Sep 17 @ 08:44pm

Anonymous said: What does your daily routine diet consist of?

A LOOOOT of fruits and veggies.

Like, literally, I have at least a full bag of leafy veggies a day.

But I mean a pretty good example was today~

Breakfast was 2 egg whites with spinach and tomatoes for b-fast with a little bit of cheese, and half an avocado, a few bites of raw oatmeal with honey and cinamon…Then I had some tea.

Then I had a big salad with tofu and a miso based dressing and finished up my avocado.. 

I kind of had a craving for carbs so I have three, two inch whole grain pancakes made with oil and water, plain for a snacky-snack..

Then I had some frozen grapes..

Then for dinner I had chicken breast with peanut butter, and tried making this cookie that was just really bad, so to balance out my yucky too sweet thing, I had some more salad..

And like, I drank two big bottles of Smart water, and like 3 mugs of green tea…

And right now, I’m munching on some more frozen grapes and some almonds…

Wednesday Sep 17 @ 08:38pm

Anonymous said: Hi!! I know that you answer asks on Wednesdays so I was really hoping you could help me with this? I really admire you for your weight loss and I'm currently trying to lose myself..I've lost 11lbs already and I still have a long way to go, but my weight has been the same for two weeks now, even though I keep going to the gym every day and eating healthily? It's driving me crazy!! >_<


First of all, congrats on your start of your journey! You’ve tackled that hardest step<3

But yeah, you’ve reached the dreaded but inevitable plateau, dun dun dun! Just kidding it’s not that bad, and it’s totally overcome-able. There’s multiple things you can do to go over that hump. 

SO, you can change your workout routine, be changing the cardio to like biking or picking up Pilates over weights or doing yoga a few days a week, to like change things up for your body. Or even doing one day just cardio and the next just weights/floor work and mixing things up a bit~

The next thing is change your food and/or calorie intake for a few days~ you can go up a hundred or so calories, or down maybe a hundred.. It’ll result in a lb gain but it should jump start another round of weight loss~ You can also mix up your proteins/carbs and how you consume and when you consume them, just to like mix up your body in what you’re doing…

Also, another thing that contributes to a plateau is a bit of tiny bitty ‘cheats’ like a bit of ice cream, or maybe a few minutes less working out, just because you’ve already come so far~ At this point it’s great to read inspirational books, maybe get some inspirational quotes and in general finding your fitspirations to just keep you going if you need it<3

You are doing great and you just keep on going!

I believe in you<3

You got this!

Wednesday Sep 17 @ 08:30pm

Anonymous said: where did you buy the finn footie pajamas?

Oh, I got them at Spencers<3

Wednesday Sep 17 @ 08:19pm

Anonymous said: for some reason i don't know why but one time i unfollowed you but then i immediately regretted it so i followed you again

Oh no, it’s totally fine!

Like, for real~ no harm no foul. Remember if you ever need or feel the need to unfollow me, go for it. I don’t mind.

Your personal health and what not should be your priority.

If ever, don’t be afraid to come to me, and I will recommend you any bloggers I feel you would like, if I can~

Tbh, on that, it’s usually best to do it off anon, because I can focus more one on one with a personal pick of bloggers I know that might fit your criteria better.. While with anon messages on that topic, I tend to give a pretty generic response of ‘who I reblog from’;;

But I’m really glad you enjoy/missed by blog haha~ You are lovely, and I hope you had a great day<3

Wednesday Sep 17 @ 08:10pm

Anonymous said: you're truly a good person, and i am so sorry that you have to deal with so much bullshit.

Thank you so much, ahah, it’s all good though~ 

If anything it weeds people out of following me/being around me, whom would clash with me later on<3

Wednesday Sep 17 @ 08:05pm

Anonymous said: o: would you ever consider doing a full house tour?

Nah~ I don’t have the money yet to remodel the base of my house, so it’s all wood paneled and very dated looking, and it doesn’t satisfy the aesthetic I convey..

The most photogenic place in my house is my bedrom, so I’ll just stick with pics in there~

Wednesday Sep 17 @ 07:58pm

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