Okay~ while I’m on my ‘tumblr hiatus’, I re-made my twitter:


But y’all probably won’t notice I’m gone;;

I have my queue, my ig’s hooked up to here and I’ll do my posts when I have blog entries up<3

Friday Apr 18 @ 08:18pm

found in a little toy shop in asakusa


found in a little toy shop in asakusa

Friday Apr 18 @ 05:15pm

Tbh, I think I’m going to take time off from tumblr again for a bit..

Friday Apr 18 @ 03:32pm

I’m really off my ‘A’ game…

All my shoots from this week look crap to me..

Even editing making it brighter and prettier doesn’t make up for the fact I am off…

I have to reshoot 3 reviews and a tutorial now, and it’s getting frustrating to me.

I am looking forward to going out tomorrow to get out of my head for a bit…

I don’t know what’s wrong with me lately.

Friday Apr 18 @ 03:27pm


body love
me by mark laubenheimer

Friday Apr 18 @ 01:30pm

Friday Apr 18 @ 12:51pm

“The clothes in Clueless weren’t really what kids were wearing… the costumes in the film are more hyper-style. At the time it was very grunge-oriented fashion, very Seattle – you know, the Nirvana look with the plaid shirts. We didn’t want to recreate that; we wanted to bring something fresh and new. We wanted to really celebrate the schoolgirl, the femininity of girls, the prettiness of color on the screen.”

– Mona May, costume designer for Clueless

Friday Apr 18 @ 09:45am
Ohh no~ the baby is asleep&#8230;

Ohh no~ the baby is asleep…

Thursday Apr 17 @ 09:46pm
Boop boop

Boop boop

Thursday Apr 17 @ 09:07pm
Listening to aprilfoolromance serenade us~ perf evening♥

Listening to aprilfoolromance serenade us~ perf evening♥

Thursday Apr 17 @ 08:42pm


I’m live on TinyChat.com/LorinaHearts! <3

Thursday Apr 17 @ 05:54pm
Thursday Apr 17 @ 05:15pm

Seriously, I’m on such a theater kick lately…

I found my Wicked and Ave. Q sountracks~

Thursday Apr 17 @ 04:14pm
Thursday Apr 17 @ 04:05pm

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